Bill Hicks

This following piece on Bill Hicks used to be available online at but since the page is no longer available, I thought I would publish it here to ensure it can continue to be read and enjoyed in cyberspace….. forever…. Enjoy!

Bill Hicks

With American comedian Bill Hicks there was always an awareness of other people, of how our society links together. With this came an idealism and a vision of what the world could be. But first he had to slay all the “fevered egos” polluting the planet. He saw himself as a flame, Shiva The Destroyer, using comedy as a weapon to expose truths and show people how governments are screwing us every day of our lives. He also happened to be achingly funny such was the accuracy of his comedy. At the age of 13 Bill Hicks did his first gig. Six weeks before his death, aged 32, he did the last. In the intervening years he frequently did over 250 gigs a year. He tried to reach as many people as possible, to put them in touch with inner and outer space in a majestic flight of one consciousness thinking. Those he inspired haven’t lost the ability to take a ride. Continue reading

The Trap: What Happened To Our Dream of Freedom?

1. “F**k You Buddy”

2. “The Lonely Robot”

3. “We Will Force You To Be Free”

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How To Block Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free tracking tool for webmasters. It keeps track of visitor movements and clicks on the webmasters site. If you don’t like your movements and clicks to be analyzed in detail follow the instructions below.

These instructions provide the step-by-step procedure for adding a simple line of script to a file named “Hosts. In PCs with Windows, the following steps should be followed in order to modify the file and block Google Analytics:
Here is how, for Windows users: –>

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. click Run
  3. Type Notepad C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts
  4. Hit the Enter key
  5. Move the Curser to the end of the file
  6. Add “” to the end of the file.
  7. Save the file and exit Notepad
    1. Pull down the file menu, click on Save
    2. Pull down the file menu, click on Exit
  8. Shutdown and restart the computer

You can omit the www to catch all current and future subdomains and add the following line to your hosts file:

The Hosts file is located in different locations in different operating systems and even in different Windows versions; please see Hosts file in Wikipedia.

6 Tips To Protect Your Online Search Privacy

Google, MSN Search, Yahoo!, AOL, and most other search engines collect and store records of your search queries. If these records are revealed to others, they can be embarrassing or even cause great harm. Would you want strangers to see searches that reference your online reading habits, medical history, finances, sexual orientation, or political affiliation? Continue reading