2 thoughts on “Haiti: How Capitalists Profit from Tragedy

  1. Yeah,
    It was a bit small on what is a very big subject – probably a teaser to invite comment.

    I believe that there is a lot of virtue in what Naomi Kline had to say – I certainly agree that Haiti needs grants and not loans. Infact Haiti is so indebted with loans that there seems to be no future perhaps the answer is to write off those loans for the good of humanity. I take Naomi’s point about the US imposing their philosophies on Haiti as a price for the Aid given. However, there is little to be achieved by just pouring in funds.
    The people of Haiti need to be given fish while at the same time being taught how to fish.
    Across the border is the Dominican Rebublic, far from iconic, but not as needy as Haiti so there is no reason why Haiti could be shown a better way with more development and commercialism.
    Watching news headlines from Haiti has left me wondering if those in charge have a clue. They talk of errecting more tents before the rain season comes, which is followed by the hurricane season.
    Putting uo tents would be like taking an umbrella out into a force ten gail – pointless. What is required is an organised effort to supply something more substantial than tents with a programme of re-building in areas where the buildings have a chance of surviving.

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