Protect Your Online Privacy

  1. How google and other search engines track your internet movement
  2. 9 things that you probably didn’t know about google
  3. 6 tips to protect your online privacy
  4. Stop using all google products including gmail. Use scroogle instead of google. Insecure Wi-Fi? Service provider profiling you?  This link lets you encrypt your search terms.
  5. Watch out for google analytics which is a google tracker used within webpages. Learn how to block it.
  6. Know your enemy.
  7. Try alternative search engines that protect your privacy. See ixquick
  8. It is never too late to protect your privacy. If you feel that you want a fresh start switch your internet service provider. Once you are reconnected with the new provider use steps above to protect your IP address and ensure maximum protection of your data from the start. Broadband has never been cheaper. See best deals for switching
  9. Sign up to an email provider that truly protects your privacy. There are a number of providers of free secured anonymous email addresses. See Anonymail Pro
  10. Bloggers should be aware that embedding videos from sites such as youtube or google video does carry worrying privacy issues. Whilst embedded video is an important tool for bloggers, it is important to be aware of the implications to you and visitors to your site in terms of privacy and tracking cookies. See
  11. Facebook faces criticism on privacy change. See
  12. Know your blogger rights!

For more information on protecting your privacy online visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation – A leading civil liberties group on defending your rights in the digital world.

See also their article on the top 12 ways to protect your online privacy

Remember 76% of employers monitor employees web surfing.

Be wise. Be informed and above all protect your privacy.

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