Kill Capitalism

  1. Capitalism is…
  2. An Unsustainable System
  3. What is Exploitation?
  4. Anti-Capitalist Animation from the 1920s
  5. A System Out Of Control
  6. The Crisis of Capitalism
  7. The Communists had a point!
  8. Time To Turn Our Backs On Capitalism
  9. Capitalism Is Not Working
  10. Socialism In A Nutshell
  11. 21st Century Socialism
  12. Corruption goes right to the heart of the system
  13. How to start a revolution
  14. What Would A Socialist Alternative to Capitalism Look like?

3 thoughts on “Kill Capitalism

  1. Why someone would despise a system based on private ownership of capital, and what is private ownership of capital if not an ability of an individual to control, manage, dispose of that individual’s private property that among other things could be used as means of production.

    Karl Marx described the “evil” of capitalism as exploitation of labor by capitalists during the process of production which combines capital and labor and where the owner of the capital – capitalist, keeps the profit generated by labor that uses her capital. This “evil” exploitation of the labor by capital owners – capitalists in combination with godless ideology that denies a live spirit are the core of Marxist ideology from which all other deductions are made. Karl Marx had offered the solution to the “evil” of exploitation and it is simply expropriation of that when the labor owns means of production (capital), than there is no more exploitation and the profit from production activity is directed to the benefit of the labor instead of benefit of the capitalist. In essence, if the capital is owned by the community and the profit is fully redirected for the benefit of the community the paradise on earth is at hand. Hence, the communism – the so called “highest” stage of the human society which evolves humans into higher conscience creatures that in fairness and in harmony participate in the process of production and where “from everyone according to his ability and to everyone according to his needs” – no pyramids, no castles, no private jets and no SUVs.

    Doesn’t it sound great? Would not this “liberating” discovery of Karl Marx lead humanity to the brighter, more just future and finally cure humanity’s wicked illnesses brought up by the concept of the private ownership? It would appear so in particular to many academics, until one considers historical application of Marxist ideology to “cure” the humanity, which resulted by some counts in 120,000,000 to 200,000,000 (that is millions) of murdered victims just in the twentieth century alone, victims that did not quite agree with expropriation of their personal property by the Marxist followers, followers who do not believe in a “higher power” and therefore inalienable human rights of individuals, but rather view individuals as “pieces of meat” the result of mindless evolution or as Stalin used to say: “Hardware – disposable nuts and bolts.”, duped by the “opium of the masses” – individuals in their ignorance clinging to their religion and guns.

    Why such at attractive idea that puts brotherhood and communal security in its core, led to such devastating mass murder? The historical evidence shows that every tyrannical regime attacks personal property rights to limit the individual freedom. Individual rights, liberty and freedom to pursue happiness cannot exist without individual property rights. What good is a freedom of speech if someone can expropriate individual property? A community cannot achieve happiness if individual members of the community are not free to pursue happiness in accordance with personal believes and free choice. The freedom of speech and all other civil freedoms are based on and are rooted in the individual property rights and ability of an individual to dispose of the individual’s property according to that individual’s desires. Demolishing individual property rights demolishes all other individual rights and renders them meaningless, putting individuals in the worst kind of lawless bondage and servitude to the “commune”, which of course would be led by the “enlightened” leaders who are above the law and could kill anyone, anything, anytime and not just kill, but to savage in the worst bestial way as did Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Khmer Rouge, Kim II Sung and other followers of the Marxist ideology as well as Hitler who developed his own twist of an ideology that puts the community interests over the individual liberty and private property in particular Jewish private property – National Socialism.

    The question is, can we defend the United States Constitution from Maoist loving, Marxist-communist assault or will it crumble under the thumping feet of the pitchfork caring mob empowered by our indifference?

  2. I agree with Noam Chomsky above and reject Samtag’s association of totalitarian dictatorships with the genuine Marxist tradition. (American capitalism, with its foreign occupations and massive prison population, is not exactly a paragon of freedom!)

    Why is it necessary to adopt a socialist program? Because the capitalist system has failed! The existing economic system has nothing to offer the working class but exploitation, poverty, repression and war. The facts speak for themselves.

    The capitalist system has entered the most serious crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. In response to this crisis, workers must advance a socialist solution.

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