What Would A Socialist Alternative To Capitalism Look Like?

What would a socialist alternative to capitalism be like?

The following documentary on the social change taking place in Venezuela gives us an insight into the type of changes that would follow if a socialist government were ever to be elected.

5 thoughts on “What Would A Socialist Alternative To Capitalism Look Like?

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  3. Just as most of the diverse socialist groupings in Venezeuela became one under the PSUV banner, socialists of the world must come together too.

  4. What is truly evil is the Marxist ideology that puts forth the idea that capital should belong to the society and not to individuals. In the strict enforcement of this doctrine an individual has not rights as he has not private property to command. This is the most evil and tyrannical ideology ever devised by men. In the twentieth century this ideology murdered more people than all previous wars, repressions and inquisitions combined. Starting from Bolshevik revolution in 1917, continuing through Stalin’s repression, National Socialist’s holocaust, Maoist Cultural Revolution, Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge, North Korean inhumane dictatorship, Fidel’s small contribution of extermination of thousands of free thinking capitalists, land expropriation in Zimbabwe and on and on we go, by some estimates we are at 120 million victims of this ideology that somehow did not want to part with their individual property.

    Let me make a prediction based on the absolute historical evidence. With 100% certainty, there will be more poverty in Venezuela and more repressions. Hugo the leader will become an absolute dictator like many before him, just on the smaller scale. Life will get much worse. The “evil” rich will run away, with or without their money, from the “liberty” loving mobs, leaving dumb masses to their beloved leader, who by the Marxists standards is nothing like Joseph Stalin or Chairman Mao. Stalin and Mao would wipe their boots with Hugo’s ass and through him to the Gulag rats to rot. What a shame, but the Latin America is about 90 years behind Europe with their dated revolution. I just wonder before it is all over with the love of communism would it be tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions private property owners dead in Latin America. And who do you think will feed at the end all these hungry mobs when they expropriate land from the owners. Just look at Zimbabwe or anywhere else it was tried. You’re ignorant fools.

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