How To Watch Free Live Footy On The Internet

Step 1. Cancel your SKY subscription. 700 channels of absolute crap. You know as well as I do that you never watch the films or much else for that matter. 9 times out of ten you end up watching the terrestrial channels anyway. Time to revert to freeview and think about the money you are saving. See how to cancel your SKY contract

Step 2. Make sure you have a good internet connection and a pc at home. Anything less than broadband will make it very difficult for you to enjoy watching the live streams of the games that are available. If you dont have an internet connection at home dont worry, you can get online broadband for as little as £4 a month now days. For best deals see

Step 3. Here we go! Time to get all your favourite footie games for free live on your pc. Using the following links on match days you should be able to get the footie games you are looking for, all for the price of your internet connection with your internet service provider.  Basically peanuts!

Think about the money you will save and the joy that you will get from watching Saturday afternoon matches live  and for FREE!

Recommended Free Footie Links:


These are not the only websites out there that are providing free streams of the football matches but are a few that can be used to enjoy access on match days. If anyone out there has any other good links that they could recommend please post below under comments. All links provided will help to make this a valuable source for footie fans looking for their favourite match ups on the weekend.

Not only that but these websites can also help you to bypass the ridiculously priced box office pay per view sky promotions where they basically take advantage again of the punters at home. You can also access PPV boxing, tennis and all other sports if you know where to look.

Happy surfing and remember to leave feedback and new sites for others to enjoy in comments. Beat the system and boycott Murdoch’s media monopoly.

Best wishes


How To Cancel Your Sky TV Contract

Cancelling Sky is not easy. Sky themselves are very careful *not* to include such information on their website (or at least no obvious, easy information and procedure.) Here is some useful info to make your cancellation quick and easy.

How to Cancel Your Sky Contract

  • You can cancel online, by post or by phone.
  • Sky only permits the account holder to cancel an account. This is the person in whose name the Sky account is held. (The person actually paying the subscription might not be the ‘account holder’).
  • There is a 30 day notice period.
  • To ensure your contract ends by 12th month, contact Sky before the end of 11th month. You can cancel at any time from the 11th month.
  • Cancel Online

    • To Cancel Online, complete Sky’s Contact Us form with all the required details.
    • In (1) Define Query select ‘Cancellation’
    • Then, in (2) Refine Query select ‘Cancel Sky TV’
    • Complete the rest of the form.
    • In the Description message box, tell Sky you are cancelling your contract.
    • The 30 day notice period starts on the day you send your message to cancel.
    • In view of this, you may want to tell Sky that you will be cancelling your Direct Debit soon.
    • Say you expect confirmation of cancellation by phone and email within seven days (give a date).

    Sky should confirm quickly that you account is cancelled – by email or phone or both. If you don’t get confirmation by the date expected, get on the phone or write or complete the online form again.