Royal Mail: a battle for us all

The postal workers’ fight is crucial for every worker, student, pensioner and unemployed person in Britain.

It is part of a much bigger war – over public services, jobs, union rights, and pay and conditions at work. It’s about who will be made to pay for the economic crisis.

A victory for the postal workers would show everyone else that resistance is possible and that workers can win. It would help develop the strength needed to beat back the assaults.

A defeat would encourage further attacks.

Pampered politicians, both Labour and Tory, are bidding to see who can force us to work the longest before claiming a measly state pension. They both want to slash billions of pounds from public spending while they lecture workers to accept redundancies, pay freezes and assaults on benefits.

Royal Mail bosses are out to cut thousands of jobs, and to bring in an army of casualised, part-time workers.

Tens of thousands of postal workers have already struck against such attacks. Now national action is on the cards – the result of a strike ballot is set to be announced this week.

Postal workers must not be left on their own to face the bosses, and the politicians that stand behind them. Their enemies in management, government and the media will unite in an effort to crush them. Our side must unite, so that we can win.

We need to create networks of solidarity in every area. Picket lines should be bolstered by delegations from local workplaces, universities and colleges. Donations and messages of support must flood in to the strikers.

The whole movement must swing behind the members of the CWU union when mass pickets are needed to stop management’s ­scabbing operation.

The resistance at workplaces such as Visteon, Linamar, Lindsey oil refinery, Vestas, Leeds bins and Tower Hamlets College has given new hope to the working class.

Now everyone needs to help deliver a national victory for the postal workers.

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