2 thoughts on “Scapegoat.

  1. This is why they are political animals. When they are in the shit and the whole system is in question, these thieving greedy bastards search desperately for somewhere else to shift the blame to and pardon them of their sins. It is clever. Almost machiavellian in its shrewdness. The media and the papers are swallowing it of course and giving creedence to this ridiculous attempt to make a scapegoat of someone. They hope that if the public can swallow this they can all be cleansed and purged and the public can be hoodwinked once again.

    It is bullshit. This is not news. The news is that MPs’ have been caught out lining their pockets for years with taxpayers’ money. And they would still be getting away with it if it wasnt for some pushy investigators who pushed and pushed until the truth was allowed to come out.

    This group of people are not fit to call themselves our representatives. Clear out the lot and lets look at a new system of democracy for one and all.

    Is Socialism a real workable alternative
    ? I believe that socialism is a more truer democracy than what we have. A government and democracy of and for the people. People first. That is what we need. Not politicians and their partners second homes first and all the rest pushed to one side.

  2. Michael Martin is the first major victim of the expenses scandal because he was, in part, overseeing, and, in part, benefiting from it.

    MPs are looking for a scapegoat for their own gluttony, which shows how worried they are.

    The Westminster consensus – that profit is good – has left them feathering their nests while lecturing the rest of us on tightening our belts.

    The crisis at the heart of the political system runs deep because it is symbolic of the lack of legitimacy of the “mother of parliaments”.

    This is not just about the stench of corruption as politicians have handed more and more control over to business.

    It is shining a light on the reality of democracy in our system.

    Real democracy is about having control over our lives and a real say about what happens in society.

    Even in its ideal form, parliamentary democracy is a pale shadow of that.

    The perks and the second homes are simply the tips the loyal politicians take as part of running the system – not in the interests of all as they claim, but in the interests of the rich.

    Standing out against the sewer of sleaze running through parliament means not simply dumping one or two crooks but fighting for real democracy.

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