[VIDEO] Immortal Technique On Bolivarian Revolution

Immortal Technique comments on the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, Socialism and other subjects. This interview was made by activists from the Hands of Venezuela campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Source: Hands Off Venezuela Denmark

2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Immortal Technique On Bolivarian Revolution

  1. Im a huge fan of immortal techniques music but I strongly disagree with what he claims Chavez is doing. He’s not done nearly enough for the country. He has threatened people to fire them from their respective jobs in order to keep his spot as president. Not exactly “rich white” folks, either, but those who have worked their butts off, like my father have been fired. Think America is the only country with corrupted government? On the contrary, Cuba as much as Venezuela as much as Peru, have corrupted governments who live off of threats and giving money to the very poor so they feel they have authority. People have to earn their stuff. My father has done it. Twice actually, since we had to start all over again in Canada. I’m on my way to university thanks to my parent’s effort. Venezuela was well on its way to becoming a 1st world country, remember that, and now we’re being compared to countries like Iran, Colombia crime-wise.

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