Documentary: Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad

When the people of Oaxaca decided they’d had enough of bad government, they didn’t take their story to the media… They TOOK the media!

In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to the Paris Commune, while others called it the first Latin American revolution of the 21st century.

But it was the people’s use of the media that truly made history in Oaxaca. A 90-minute documentary, Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad captures the unprecedented media phenomenon that emerged when tens of thousands of school teachers, housewives, indigenous communities, health workers, farmers, and students took 14 radio stations and one TV station into their own hands, using them to organize, mobilize, and ultimately defend their grassroots struggle for social, cultural, and economic justice.

“Beautiful, powerful, dramatic… magnificent… provides a remarkably deep and penetrating look into the people who made up the movement. Everyone interested in Mexico, in teachers and education, in workers’ movements, in indigenous people, in the state of our world and the struggle for social justice should see the video.”

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12 thoughts on “Documentary: Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad

  1. Carlos

    Great blog. I am pleased to be associated with it. We are all part of a wider community on the internet trying to wave a flag of some truth and justice in the face of fictitious media and lies and it is important to create a network of unified allies. I am proud of what Bala Fria has become and honoured to be linked up with like-minded individuals like yourself.

    Keep up the good work. Do you live in London?


  2. Yep, I’m in london. Where are you?

    The network is very important. I’m anxious to see more of us with two or more regular posters per blog.

    And of course, the aporrea english forum needs to be advertised. I am making a banner for that.

  3. So are you in London too?

    The banner and link are on my page now.

    If you could copy them both to a prominent position on your page, and pass them to anybody else that might do the same?


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