Venezuelan Music: El Cuatro

For more on the cuatro see

15 thoughts on “Venezuelan Music: El Cuatro

  1. Si, Claro. I just bought a cheap cuatro on a recent trip to Venezuela so I am looking to improve. I am not bad but I could do with some of this guy’s rhythm technique. Anyone know where I can get some Cuatro lessons? 🙂

  2. Hey… thanks for that Mantecanaut!

    To be honest my rhythm is not too bad. I play the guitar and I have a good feel for different styles .. funk, reggae etc, but when it comes to latin styles such as merengue, joropo, salsa i need to work on the different up and down strokes which make up the different rhythms. I will check out the youtube vid.

    Thanks again!


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  4. Hi there, I am searching for good cuatro lyrics & songs for a Christmas present. Could you give me a suggestion, where can I get some? (online)
    I’m based in Europe. I would appreciate if you could help me! Thanks a lot!

  5. Hi Gina,

    Check the above comments for plenty of pointers. Visit for songs and chords and videos. See also youtube where various lessons and videos on cuatro playing can be found. As far as in Europe or online I really dont think there is much to be found. I bought my cuatro in Caracas.

    Good luck!


  6. Hi Folks,

    I decided to try and learn the Cuatro while I was in Venezuela during the summer. I had decent support over there, but when I returned to the UK…NOTHING!

    I have searched high and low for resources to help me with the Cuatro and there isn’t much out there. No books available and only a few websites in existence. I bought the ‘Manual del Cuatro’ when in Venezuela, and I use YouTube, but that’s about it. It doesn’t help when my Spanish is poor.

    I have since taken up the Ukulele because support and resources are so much better for it here, but I really would like to learn the Cuatro.

    My Cuatro isn’t anything special (someone gave me their old one) and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy a new one. The instrument seems to be non-existent here in this country.

    Best wishes,


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