Socialism In the 21st Century

Cuban socialism has placed human beings at the centre of society and development. Cubans enjoy a system of social welfare provision which is among the best in the world. They have created a system of democratic representation which gives an active role to all sectors of society. The Cuban Revolution has become synonymous with international solidarity, sending doctors and educators around the globe. All this achieved despite nearly 50 years of military and political aggression from the United States, including a brutal economic blockade.

Cuba’s example is an inspiration to those fighting imperialism and underdevelopment all over the world. Now a united front has been formed in Latin America. Governments representing the working class and oppressed of Venezuela and Bolivia have united with Cuba to create the Bolivarian Alternative, directly challenging the regional and global hegemony of the United States and its allies.

An exciting project is taking place in the UK between 21 February and 5 March 2008. Rock around the Blockade is hosting a speaking tour of Britain with representatives of three generations of the Cuban Revolution: Orlando Borrego, deputy to Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and his closest collaborator from 1959 to 1965; Jesus García, from the Institute of Philosophy, delegate to the Municipal Assembly of Peoples’ Power and author of several books on socialism and democracy; and Yoselín Rufín Díaz – leader of the Federation of University Students, involved in today’s energy revolution, a new stage in Cuba’s Battle of Ideas.

The speaking tour promises an unmissable opportunity for debate and discussion, to be educated and inspired.

For more information on this event click here or go to

See also posters for different regional events

London poster

Liverpool poster

Manchester poster

North East poster

Glasgow poster

flyers (english)

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