Credit Card Charges Reclaiming Guide: Reclaim them, they’re unlawful, get £100s back

You may not be aware of this but, your credit card company may owe you money. Want to know how to get back the last six years worth of late payment fees and other fines?

Click here for a step-by-step guide, including template letters, to force your current or old credit card provider(s) to repay the last six years of late payment fees or charges for going beyond your limit: often you can get £100s or even £1,000s back. (Please note this information only applies to UK credit card customers and I could not tell you if the same reclaiming techniques are valid in other countries).

In 2006, the Office of Fair Trading ruled that credit card penalty fees of up to £35 were unfair, and many believe they’re actually unlawful. So use this guide to join the 100,000s who’ve reclaimed their cash and got their money back. And if you’ve heard bank charges reclaiming is on hold… don’t worry, credit card reclaiming isn’t!

Good luck and let me know if you have any success by posting in comments below.



1 thought on “Credit Card Charges Reclaiming Guide: Reclaim them, they’re unlawful, get £100s back

  1. There are a number of small free websites dedicated to reclaiming unfair charges and helping consumers. The ConsumerActionGroup is a focused web forum based purely around reclaiming charges; it’s run by a group of people who took on the banks in the very early stages. PenaltyCharges is run by a law student who successfully took on the banks and campaigns on the site.


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