Taking Liberties

Taking Liberties

The shocking truth about the erosion of our fundamental civil
liberties by Tony Blair’s government will be exposed this summer in
TAKING LIBERTIES, released in UK cinemas June 8th 2007.

Right to Protest, Right to Freedom of Speech. Right to Privacy. Right
not to be detained without charge, Innocent Until Proven Guilty.
Prohibition on Torture. TAKING LIBERTIES will reveal how these six
central pillars of liberty have been systematically eroded since 1997.

TAKING LIBERTIES uncovers the stories the government don’t want you to
hear – so ridiculous you will laugh, so ultimately terrifying you will
want to take action. Teenage sisters detained for 36 hours for a
peaceful protest; an RAF war veteran arrested for wearing an anti-Bush
and Blair T-shirt; an innocent man shot in a police raid; and a man
held under house arrest for two years, after being found innocent in
court. Ordinary law-abiding citizens being punished for exercising
their ‘rights’ – rights that have been fought for over centuries, and
which seem to have been extinguished in a decade.

PREVIEW SCREENINGS – Tuesday 5th June 2007

Preview screenings of the film will take place in cinemas across the
country on 5th June – in London, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Cambridge,
Edinburgh, York, Bath, Oxford and Exeter.

Liberty’s Director Shami Chakrabarti will take part in a live panel
discussion following the preview screening at the Clapham
Picturehouse, London.


KEN LOACH, Film Director
SHAMI CHAKRABARTI, Director of Liberty
DAVID MORRISSEY, Actor & Narrator of the Film
NICK CLEGG, Lib Dem MP Sheffield Hallam & Shadow Home Secretary

To book tickets and find out more about the film go to:

Free Speech / Right to Protest
Justice Not Vengenance – www.j-n-v.org
Parliament Square – www.parliament-square.org.uk
People in Common – www.peopleincommon.org
Article 19 – www.article19.org
Marc Valle Photojournalist – www.marcvallee.co.uk

Peace Activism

CND – www.cnduk.org
Stop the War – www.stopwar.org.uk
Military Families Against The War – www.npa.org.uk
Fairford Coach Action – www.fairfordcoachaction.org.uk
smashEDO – www.smashedo.org.uk

The Watchers
Blairwatch – www.blairwatch.co.uk
Boriswatch – www.boriswatch.co.uk
Statewatch – www.statewatch.org

Prevention of Torture
Amnesty International – www.amnesty.org.uk
Caged Prisoners – www.cageprisoners.com
Reprieve – www.reprieve.org.uk
Human Rights Watch – www.hrw.org
Medical Care for the Care of Victims of Torture – www.torturecare.org.uk

Database & ID Cards
No2ID – www.no2id.net
Privacy International – www.privacy.org
Travel Tax – www.traveltax.org.uk

Legal Eagles
Liberty – www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk
Justice – www.justice.org.uk

Environmental Groups
Greenpeace – www.greenpeace.org/international
Plane Stupid – www.planestupid.com

Free Gary McKinnon – www.freegary.org.uk
Justice For Nigel Potter – www.justice4nigelpotter.com
Natwest 3 – www.friendsextradited.org

Other groups who have helped
Save Parliament – www.saveparliament.org.uk
Muslim Public Affairs Committee – www.mpacuk.org
The Foundry – www.foundry.tv
Bell Yard Communications – www.bell-yard.com
Institute for Race Relations – www.irr.org.uk
Muslim Council of Great Britain – www.mcb.org.uk
Avaaz – http://www.avaaz.org/en
Mark Thomas Website – www.markthomasinfo.com
Shooting People – www.shootingpeople.org
Documentary Film Group – www.dfgdocs.com
Rowntree Reform Trust – www.jrrt.org.uk
The Literacy Project – http://www.theliteracyproject.org
NPA – www.npa.org.uk
The Register – www.theregister.co.uk
Asbo Concern – www.asboconcern.org.uk
The Institute of Ideas – www.instituteofideas.com
Demos – www.demos.co.uk
Animation Production – www.nexuslondon.com
The Friday Thing – www.fridaytowers.com/tft
Rowntree Reform Trust – www.jrrt.org.uk
MC Riz: Post 9/11 Blues – www.myspace.com/rizmc
Sion Touhig, Photographer – www.sionphoto.com

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