Détournement of images with writings of Guy Debord

Détournement / literal translation: hijack [ˈhaidʒӕk] noun the act of hijacking

In detournement, an artist reuses elements of well-known media to create a new work with a different message, often one opposed to the original. The term “detournement”, borrowed from the French, originated with the Situationist International; a similar term more familiar to English speakers would be “turnabout”, although this term is not used in academia and the arts world.

Detournement is similar to satirical parody, but employs more direct reuse or faithful mimicry of the original works rather than constructing a new work which merely alludes strongly to the original. It may be contrasted with recuperation, in which originally subversive works and ideas are themselves appropriated by mainstream media.

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Arabic: إخْتِطاف
Chinese (Simplified): 抢劫
Chinese (Traditional): 搶劫
Czech: přepadení
Danish: kapring
Dutch: kaping
Estonian: kaaperdamine
Finnish: kaappaus
French: détournement
German: die Flugzeugentführung, der Überfall
Greek: αεροπειρατεία
Hungarian: gépeltérítés
Icelandic: flugrán
Indonesian: pembajakan
Italian: dirottamento


for more videos see ZIPF at Daily Motion

Japanese: 乗っ取り
Korean: 하이재킹
Latvian: lidmašīnas u.c. satiksmes līdzekļu nolaupīšana; aplaupīšana
Lithuanian: pagrobimas, apiplėšimas
Norwegian: flykapring
Polish: porwanie, obrabowanie
Portuguese (Brazil): seqüestro, assalto
Portuguese (Portugal): sequestro
Romanian: deturnare
Russian: угон самолёта
Slovak: prepadnutie
Slovenian: ugrabitev letala
Spanish: secuestro; asalto
Swedish: kapning, rån
Turkish: kaçırma

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